This site is dedicated to the God Belinos.

Everlasting Guarding of the harmony of the the primordial forces of order and chaos, we dedicate this to you Belinos, in fulfillment of a vow.


His worship was widespread, apparently starting in Eastern Gaul to Noricum and spreading west and north to Britain.

The etymology of his name is thought to mean “The Bright One” or “Shinning One,” coming from the PIE root *bhel- meaning “to shine, white. Another possible meaning to his name is “Master of Power,” “Powerful Master,” or “Strong Lord,” coming from the Gaulish stem belo- (strong, powerful) and the suffix -nos (lord, master). His name is attested as Belenus, Belenos, Belinos, and a few other forms. Most likely because of the widespread worship of him in many groups of people with different languages and even accents. We see the roots of his name carried around in many places and times around the Gaulish and Celtic lands. 

The Romans likened him to Apollo, as this can provide some insight into his nature. He is associated with sunlight (but not a god of the sun), light, horses (clay ones were offered to him), and war. It was once said that he was seen defending the city of Aquileia from a siege.

He is also associated with hot springs, tying him into healing. Altogether, he is a very ancient and primordial god. And it’s possible that he could have been mythologically associated with pulling the sun across the sky in a horse-drawn chariot, based on his traits and the clay horse offerings.

As devotees of Belinos, this site is intended as a spiritual resource.

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